Aquashine BTX (1x2ml)

Aquashine BTX (1x2ml)

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Aquashine BTX

New Anti-Age Formula:

Face Lifting and Muscle

Relaxation Balance

Benefits of Active ingredients

  • Reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity by generating new skin cells
  • Revitalize tired and dull skin by maximizing cell proliferation and reducing skin problem
  • Reduce and prevent hyper-pigmentation, down-regulates melanin synthesis, thereby reducing skin pigmentation, aged spots and freckles
  • Pure Hyaluronic acid moisturizes skin and tightens pores
  • Deep restructuring of the skin,
  • Dynamic and static wrinkles on the forehead, perioral wrinkles, vertical wrinkles above the upper lip 
  • Facial contours correction.

is a multilevel and cross-functional product.

Due to the well-balanced lifting and relaxation processes, a multilevel and selective anti-age effect in all the morphofunctional layers of the skin and surrounding tissues is achieved.

The treatment enables gentle and selective correction of all the problems simultaneously.


1. Focused relaxation of the muscle fibers in the skin and the fibers of mimic muscles that are integrated into the skin.

Introduction of unique biomimetic peptides in the formulation of AQUASHINE BTX leads to new clinical effects:

The peptide complex simulates the natural acetylcholine mechanism, i.e. inhibits the flow of calcium ions across the membrane and reduces the excitation of a neuron by changing a cascade of reactions inside it. Excitability of a neuron is reduced and muscle contractions are decreased. After a while, dynamic wrinkles are reduced.

2. Control of regeneration

Stimulating peptides activate the regeneration and replenishment of the intercellular matrix of the skin resulting in the improved skin texture.

3. Normalization of melanogenesis

Lightening and anti-inflammatory peptides provide correction and prevention of various kinds of hyperpigmentation. This has been repeatedly proven in practice.

4. Revitalization of the skin

Hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of about 1000kDa to 3000kDa exists in two supramolecular forms: a globular structure and a reticular structure. A low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid is organized into the reticular structure and provides a rapid moistening and diffusion. A high-molecular weight fraction is arranged in a reticulo-globular structure and promotes a long-term deposition and penetration of peptides.

5. Control of all anabolic and catabolic processes in the skin

is provided by an advanced non-peptide fraction consisting of amino acids, multivitamins and microelements. The new formulation makes AQUASHINE BTX a more physiological and effective product.