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Alidya is the first solution injection for treating cellulite i.e. injection solution for specific medical use with protocol with intradermotherapy with physiological and paraphysiological changes connected to originate and evolve the gynoid lipodistrofy (cellulite). It is developed by Prof. Pasquale Motolese, and patented all over the world. Indications: treating gynoid lipodistrofy (cellulite), post-liposuction treatment, post intralipotherapy, lipoedem with or without limfoedema, changes in sub acute adipose tissue.

Project Alidya is made with the purpose to secure not functional but assistive therapy using means for correction of changes in structure of the skin and sub acute tissue changes for lypodistrophy and for hypotrophy. Actually these changes are clinically manifested with the presence of small negative depression-dent on the surface of the skin, which brings to irregular and cracked skin.

Correction of these skin depressions, dents on the surface of the skin is not possible to get with existing absorptive fillers which are available on the market, concerning failed attempts with poliactic acid that’s been showed as very reactive and profibrotic with meaningful creation of the scared tissue. Actually technically it is very difficult to make correction with gelatinated and highly viscose product, which releases microparticules.

Alidya, with its special formulation is intended for surface sub acute tissue and it is different from the rest of the products because it reacts also on deeper parts of the skin i.e. derma. Alydia represents new class of the injectable means which are based on amino-acids same as the ones that already exist on the market and which are used in juvenescence of the skin (Jalupro, Skinr..) the difference is that the formulation of Alidya is that it adapts better to biological surrounding whether it is superficial or deeper sub acute part of the skin.

Alydia is a solution for the injections for external sub acute part of the skin, which contains components, which are, absorbed quickly (within few hours) which do not contain substances with pharmacological action.

Although there is no other product with the similar specific indication, there is a huge number of products with the similar constitution, which are used for the purpose of the bio-revitalization and skin bio-restructuration. The difference between these products and Alidya is that the formulation of the Alidya is that it adapts to osmolarity and pH values in different surroundings not just the ones inside the derma.