Aliaxin LF (2x1ml)

Aliaxin LF (2x1ml)

IBSA Farmaceutici

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Lips firm and harmoniously well defined. Natural young beauty. Aliaxin FL has the ideal viscosity for treatments in this area. The ability of the gel to diffuse in the labial mucous membrane in a homogeneous way guarantees an aesthetic result capable of giving the lips: Filling and softness (moisturizing effect) Natural Projection Harmonious definition of vermillion border.


Definition of the border of the vermilion and increase of the volume of the lip. Comisuras Perioral wrinkles.


Gel type:  Monfasico.

Molecular weights of hyaluronic acid: 500kDa, 1000kDa Content of Crosslinked Naha: 25 mg / ml Content of Natural Naha: / Free BDDE content: Degree of withdrawal: +++ Extrusion force Needle of 27G 13 MM: 22 + - 3 Newton Needle: 2 x 30 G (13 mm) - 2 x 27 G (13mm) Injection plane: Dermis Media Mucosa Membrane Presentation: 2 pre-filled syringes of 1 ml