Zeitschild Cleansing Lotion

Zeitschild Cleansing Lotion

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All perfect skin care starts with cleansing! 

This Zeitschild cleansing product is, as the French call it, un ¨nettoyant doux¨a very mild cleanser that does not neglect the caring aspect! Through the use of specific ingredients (e.g moringa oil), we have fully taken this aspect into account!

This product combines cleansing and care as part of the skin barrier system, all in one 150ml bottle with a convenient and hygienic lid. 

Although this mild cleansing mild does not contain any harmful tensides or furfactants, it is an intensive product for both skin impurities and make-up. 

It is so effective it that it can actually be considered a 2-in-1 product. Consequently, an additional product (tonic or otherwise ) is not required to purify the skin afterwards.