Princess Saypha Filler (1x1ml)

Princess Saypha Filler (1x1ml)


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Croma-Pharma has rebranded their Princess Fillers into a new brand called Saypha®, which is a range of non-animal fillers based on derived hyaluronic acid. By re-establishing the body’s own natural hyaluronic acid level, Saypha HA fillers help to reverse the signs of aging and help to make you look younger, fresher and more radian.


Saypha fillers are manufactured in accordance to the highest quality standards and safety, and is injected into the skin by using a thin wall needle, specially designed for optimal patient comfort. In addition, some of the fillers contains lidocaine, a mild anesthetic, which makes the injection more comfortable. Croma HA fillers treatments are non-surgical and ensures immediate, natural-looking results.



Saypha FILLER by Croma is a sterile, biodegradable, viscoelastic, perfectly clear, colourless, isotonic, homogenized and monophasic gel implant.

  Saypha FILLER is indicated for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles. It is also indicated for perioral wrinkles, lip contour and lip volume increase. It can be used for all areas of the face except the eye contour. It is recommended to inject Saypha FILLER into the mid to deep dermis to achieve a very natural look and long-lasting correction.